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WRS Cathodic protection is capable to deliver impressed current systems and services worldwide




Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems and services (ICCP)

Impressed current cathodic protection systems are since many years a perfect solution to control corrosion issues at hulls.

The ICCP system can be easily installed on any type of vessel. A complete installation consist a number of ICCP anodes, reference electrodes and a power unit to control the system.

An optimum and controlled balance of DC currents which will be send trough the water leads to the prevention of galvanic corrosion.

WRS Cathodic protection is capable to deliver impressed current systems and services worldwide. 

Cathodic protection surveys
During dry-docking or afloat our services engineers can assist in:

  • Visual inspection of hull structure (corrosion, pitting, structure)
  • Inspection of spare parts and/or anodes (ICCP/Sacrificial)
  • Impressed Current system inspection, installation and calibration
  • Supervision and assistance in installation process

 ICCP Products for newbuilding and retrofits

  • Power control units / monitoring systems
  • Recessed and hull mounted anodes
  • Recessed and hull mounted reference electrodes
  • Slipring assemblies and spares

The team of WRS will be pleased to assist you!